"With two world championships in western pleasure and a reserve world championship in free style reining, Compadre has proven his athletic ability, trainability and charisma.  He was bred and raised by Debra Beth-Halachmy and trained and shown by Eitan Beth-Halachmy.  Using Holiday Compadre, Eitan developed a special approach to training, showing and performing that he has named Cowboy Dressage.  Combining the classical discipline of dressage with the unique style of horsemanship found in the California vaquero tradition, Cowboy Dressage offers horse and rider a very special path to a fulfilling and challenging partnership.

Compadre has thrilled audiences at Equitana, Equine Affairs and Expos and Cowboy Dressage Clinics across the country.  He is featured in several instructional and entertainment videos. He is now retired and lives at Sunrise Morgans in Parker, Colorado where he enjoys the company of his mares and babies.  Compadre stands to a limited book of mares and welcomes visitors.  His foals continue to amaze us with their disposition, work ethic, type and excellent conformation.  As with many great breeding stallions, Compadre's daughters are special gems.  What a marvelous gift to have him in our lives.

Please visit the website for more information about Holiday Compadre, his foals and the very special people who bred and trained him.  Videos of Compadre are available from the Cowboy Dressage website."

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